LASA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is a nonprofit registered under section 8 of companies act since Dec 2014. The Foundation has 12A, 80G, Niti Ayog Registration, Bridge Registry and Guide Star rating. The foundation is permitted to obtain donation and is exempt under income tax act. The entity can also receive foreign funds from Indian passport holders.

    LASA Foundation’s programs are intended to ensure that every child goes to school, bring down school dropouts and that every child is able to get quality education. Our activities are aimed to make education enjoyable and inspiring and to empower schools so that the poorest of the poor too get quality education.

    LASA Charitable foundation is dedicated to working with economically poor children, families and their communities especially in rural areas. We work to ensure that children growing up in poverty get quality education. We believe education will eradicate poverty, boost shared prosperity and broad-based economic growth, and build peaceful, tolerant societies.


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    100% earning from this will be used for charitable activities of the organization. All donations are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Sec 80G.

    Education plays a big role in ending extreme poverty and

    improving the livelihoods of the poorest in every country.

    empowering parents.

    Building life skills and empowering parents to also live productive lives has always been one of our focus. We arrange vocational courses to help women to start their own business like mehandi classes, cooking workshops, cake making etc. The knowledge gained from these workshops enable these women to start their own small enterprises.



    We believe that education is the backbone to the development of individual and their communities. Knowledge is power!


    We believe that strengthening rural schools will promote equity in education for a better society.


    We believe that improving household incomes of communities are crucial in addressing the child labor problem.


    We believe in a necessity to create links between those who can and want to help and those who are in most need of help.